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Uab Grožio fabrikas

Pylimo g. 45/Šv. Stepono g.2, Vilnius
Phone: +370 686 16614
Email: angelspacentras@gmail.com


10:00 – 21:00

Uab Grožio fabrikas

Žvejų g. 2, Palanga
Phone: +370 691 38985
Email: angelspapalanga@gmail.com


12:00 – 22:00

(We invite you to visit us in Palanga,
where we offer 60min and 90min massages.)

Warm herb bunches

This therapy begins with a warm oil greeting. Satchels of healing herbs are used to massage the whole body, with particular attention to areas affected by pain. The massage improves lymphatic circulation, reduces muscle aches, encourage faster healing after trauma, provides energy to the whole body


Duration 60min. Price 65eur



Luxurious Ayurvedic 2h. package for two

Jacuzzi for two 30 min., decorated with rose petals, – it will relax your body and mind.

Ayurvedic body scrub for two  30min. with raspberry, jasmin, acai berries, ginseng and green tea extract, which nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

Ayurvedic ABJANGA massage for her (60 min.) will bring you to the exotic India. Full body massage with high amount of warm oil, which is massaged into your skin and muscles, improves blood flow, tones-up muscles, removes fat and stimulates internal organs.

Ayurvedic MARMA point massage for him (60min.) Traditional indian Ayurvedic massage, which includes full body, head and face massage, stimulating energy points.

Procedure is done with masters from India.

Duration: 120min.   Price: 180 eur


Royal Angel SPA therapy

  • Full body scrub – soft, fresh aroma, revitalizing not only skin, but your soul too. 30 min.
  • Full body mask – Intented for body modeling, mineral rich, regenerates and tones-up your skin. 30min.
  • Relaxing full body, head and face massage – restores, softens and protects your skin from negative enviromental effects, face massage increases your blood flow, head massage reduces tension and can improve your sleep quality. 60min.

Duration: 120min. Price: 99 eur




Love ritual for two

Jacuzzi decorated with rose petals (30 min.) relaxes your body and your mind and will let you to enjoy delicious Angel SPA tea romanticly.

Relaxing full body, head and face massage  (60 min.) rose oil will soften your skin, warm oil will relax your body and mind.

Duration : 90min Price: 145eur


From head to toe

  • Infrared ray sauna and jacuzzi wil relax your body and mind and will let you to enjoy delicious Angel SPA tea romanticly.
  • Turkish Hamam procedure for two natural scrub with Kese glove, which will remove dead skin and will give silky effect for your skin.
  • Aromatherpay full body and face massage 

Duration: 180min.   Price: 245 eur.



Ayurvedic Vata, Pitta, Kapha sessions

Ayurveda master will choose massage most suited for you.

Vata (energy of the wind)
Balances your energy, inner calmness, breathing, heart rate, relaxes nervous system. Relaxing massage.

 Pitta (energy of the fire)
Improves digestive system, improves metabolism, stabilises body temperature, gives energy and vivacity. Relaxing massage.

Kapha (energy of the water)
Tones-up, improves blood flow, removes accumulated liquids, gives endurance and strengthens immunity. Strong, lymph circulation improving massage.

Duration: 60min Price: 59eur


Ayurvedic oil massage for two

Massage is done with warm oil for whole body, head and face, during which energy points are being stimulated, which provides with inner warmth.

Duration: 60min.   Price: 120 eur.


Luxurious Golden Angel SPA Hammam body procedure 

  • turkish Hammam procedure 15min – Natural scrub with Kese glove which will remove dead skin and will give silky effect for the skin;
  • Gold enriched soap foam massage on warm marble bunk 15 min; 
  • Toning-up full body head and face massage with flower aroma milk 50min – will relax painful and tense muscles, improve lymph circulation, will calm nervous system and will give lightness feeling for whole body;
  • Body wrap with warm golden body mask 30min;
  • Relaxation with cup of tea 10min.

Duration: 120min. Price: 99 eur


SPA Hammam procedure for body and soul

  • Full body scrub with cocoa and honey extract. 
  • Soap foam massage on warm marble bunk. 
  • Full body relaxing massage. 
  • Body wrap into moisturising mask;

Duration: 90min. Price: 90eur /Duration: 120min. Price: 99 eur



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