delicate massage technique, calming movements will help you forget all worries and tiredness. Relaxing, softly pressing touches will take away stress, replenish strength and fill you with positive energy

60min 46€


allow the pure power of essential oils free your breathing and thoughts. Plant and flower extracts with healing properties, along with wide massaging moves stimulates the nervous system and relax the body

60min 49€


this is an exercising massage for the deep tissues of the body, with stretching and bending. It relaxes the muscles, improves the elasticity of muscles and tendons, improves general body flexibility and helps shake off sluggishness. Suits both professional athletes and less active people

60min 58€

Hot stone therapy

this is a massage for those who suffer from physical and emotional stress, sensations of cold in their extremities. A touch of warm volcanic stones will provide your body with soft relaxation, takes away muscle tension and spasms, re-harmonises your body, mind and emotions

90min 56€

Warm herb bunches

this therapy begins with a warm oil greeting. Satchels of healing herbs are used to massage the whole body, with particular attention to areas affected by pain. The massage improves lymphatic circulation, reduces muscle aches, encourage faster healing after trauma, provides energy to the whole body

60min 49€

Body reflexology

eastern massage that harmonises the nervous system, improves the energy balance of the body as well as sleep quality. Main attention is given to the stimulation of nerve points in feet, calves, waist and neck areas

60min 55€

Foot reflexology

this is stimulation of certain points in the feet, thanks to which the operation of other corresponding organs can be improved. When pressing certain points, the nervous system is being stimulated and energy pathways are opened, improving bodily functions and overall feeling

50min 40€


this massage is great for those with sitting office jobs, suffering from stress or any unpleasantness in the back area. The massage moves activate blood circulation, relieves stress build up, relaxes shoulder line muscle, energises and relieves back pain

40min 35€

Back, head, shoulder line

a massage combination that relieves stress in the whole body, may improve sleep quality, strengthen the nervous system, improve blood circulation. Provides oxygen, feeds hair follicles, which prevents a hair loss and early balding

60min 49€


for correcting the volumes of certain body parts and firming loose skin that has lost its elasticity. Performed by hand, with strong, intensive moves along the lymphatic pathways

60min 52€

Anti-cellulite (with honey and vacuum cups)

an intensive massage, during which cellulite is removed from the subcutaneous layer. The skin becomes elastic, smooth, surface texture reduces

60min 50€

Relaxing honey

warm fragrant oil and natural honey mix will make you feel as if in a sweet dream. After the massage, your skin will be moisturised and velvety smooth

60min 49€


massage for removing toxins, built-up liquids from the body, reduces swelling and tiredness. A special oil firms and smooths the skin. After the massage, you will have a feeling of relaxation and lightness throughout your body

60min 50€

Relaxing chocolate

this is a massage that is delicate to the body, but sensual to the mind. A pleasant chocolate aroma will help you forget bad thoughts and improve your mood, while the warm massage will relax and calm the whole body, deeply moisturise the skin and will help you achieve a unique sense of bliss

60min 49€


the goal of this massage is to relax the whole body with fast, intensive, and at the same time relaxing and deep moves. Improved amount of oxygen in the blood, activated blood circulation and body flexibility – the key to a good overall feeling

60min 55€