Kerala Ayurvedic massages

Kerala Ayurvedic massages

Shirodhara ritual

an Ayurvedic therapy that includes a whole-body oil massage with warm coco oil, face and head massage, as well as pouring warm oil over the forehead. This therapy is for alleviating stress, headaches, insomnia, hair loss, helps stabilise blood pressure, repairs the immune system.

90 min. 95€

Marma point

traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage, which is made up of a whole-body, head and face massage, stimulated energy points. Very fast massage moves improve blood circulation, removes built-up liquids and toxins.

60 min. 65€ 90 min. 95€


a massage with herb bunches using bunches of herbal herbs heated in oil. The whole body is massaged, deep tissues rubbed and pressed, as well as joints and painful areas.

60 min. 65€ 90 min. 95€


whole-body massage with a large amount of warm oil massaged into the skin and muscles, which improves blood circulation, tones up muscles, oils joints, removes fat, smooths and firms the skin, stimulates internal organs.

60 min. 65€ 90 min. 95€


ayurvedic massage connects head, shoulder line, neck and back during which tense muscles are being relaxed, body and nervous system is being balanced.

45 min. 50€

Ayurvedic oil

massage is done with warm oil, during which intense moves are used to relieve stress, calm nervous system. This procedure releases your breeathing and mind, provides with deep stabillity, warmth and comfort feeling.

60 min. 65€ 90 min. 95€

Ayurvedic face procedure with mask

60 min. 65€

Ayurvedic face and head massage

50 min. 50€