About Us

“Angel Spa”  is one of the first such a high-level and luxury SPA centre, which was established in the capital of Lithuania and is working till now. Our professional workers have a long working experience, knowledge of the world’s best-known cosmetic brand’s techniques and gives themselves fully to their work for maximum customer satisfaction!

Here at “Angel Spa” we pride ourselves on using only the best organic skin care products for our treatments. 

The space of our SPA will surprise you with its unique and fragrant luxury interior. In SPA area you will feel as in the ancient palace of the Roman Empire, and our staff will help make sense of this reality.

“Angel Spa” is located in the heart of Vilnius old town. Nearby is a lot of very interesting places and right next us in the small square stands the sculpture (300 kg.) in the shape of an egg, which notes the entrance to the southwestern quarter of the old town. So if you cannot find us by address, then try to find the “egg” sculpture – this is the only such a place in our city 😉

Believe us and we will give all possible effort to make you more beautiful and to save your beauty for longer! 

Yours “Angel Spa”